Higher Engine Position & Towing Services


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Cunningham Motors is pleased to announce a new kind of wheel-lift tow truck. It is a truck that boasts a higher engine position for a higher center of gravity.

The truck is so revolutionary that we are starting a blog to systematically explain it and to feature its benefits.

This post here, which is appearing in mid-June, 2016, is the first post in the new series. But in this first post we will talk less about higher engine position and towing services, and more about Cunningham motors. The company is not well known, and so it requires a little space before we get started.

Cunningham Motors is a company that was established in Bloomington, Indiana, after the Second World War. It was established to develop and manufacture new kinds of bodies for standard trucks.

Eventually, over the years, Cunningham Motors became more and more focused on tow trucks; it began to develop and manufacture new kinds of wheel-lift tow trucks, hook-and-chain tow trucks, and flatbed tow trucks too.

The company got so good at developing so many new variations of these three standard tow trucks that they found their market little by little expanding beyond Bloomington, Indiana.

It took about twenty-five years, but in the end Cunningham Motors was selling its tow trucks in every state in America, except Hawaii.

When you start talking about Cunningham Motors, you must also talk about Edward Cunningham, Samson Cunningham, and Mary Jane Cunningham.

These are the three generations of Cunninghams who have been the driving force behind the company for more than 60 years.

Old Ed Cunningham, who died in 1985, was the colorful visionary who first came up with the idea of focusing on tow trucks to the virtual exclusion of every other type of truck body, Samson Cunningham was the one who perfected the manufacturing techniques, and Mary Jane Cunningham is the financial genius that has turned the company, for the first time, into a major moneymaker.

We’ll have more to say about these three tomorrow.